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Genoa Charter Show

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    Genoa Chef’s Competition Results

    3 May 2013

    To add to the huge success of Camper and Nicholsons Unofficial Official Crew Bash and ‘Around the World’ themed Yacht Hop, our charter fleet walked away with a throng of prizes from the Chef’s Competition.

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    Northern Spirit Awarded Special Portofino Prize at Chef's Competition in Genoa

    8 May 2013

    For the first Chef Competition at the MYBA Genoa Charter Show, the wonderful crew on board the luxury sailing yacht, 37m Northern Spirit, received a truly deserving tailor-made “Portofino Prize”, for the exceptional and unique spirit of tradition demonstrated to the jury.

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    Genoa's Unofficial Official Crew Bash

    28 April 2014

    Sunday 27th April saw the Rosso Pomodoro restaurant on the Calata Molo Vecchio come alive with guests made up of Captains, crew and the charter and crew teams from C&NI.

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    The 26th MYBA Charter Show review

    6 May 2014

    Marina Molo Vecchio in Genoa played host to the annual MYBA Charter Show from 28th April to 2nd May, where a fine line selection of charter yachts were on display for the industry's charter brokers to take time to familiarise with.

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    Round Up of the MYBA Charter Show 2016

    17 May 2016

    With yachts hosting events throughout the four-day-show, charter brokers had the opportunity to really explore the key selling points and meet the crew that make these yachts so popular to charter.

  • Event
    Genoa Charter Show 2013

    29th Apr 2013 - 3rd May 2013

    Signalling the start of the Mediterranean summer season, the Genoa Charter Show 2013 will be held from the 29 April to 3 May to showcase the world's finest charter yachts.

  • Event
    Genoa Charter Show - The Unofficial Official Crew Bash

    28th - 28th Apr 2013

    To kick off the European season on a light-hearted note, the Unofficial Official Genoa Crew Bash for crew and captains will take place on 28th April.

  • Event
    Camper & Nicholsons Yacht Hop 2013

    1st - 2nd May 2013

    A highlight of this year’s 25th annual Genoa Charter Show will be the renowned Camper & Nicholsons Yacht Hop, where guests will make their way from one yacht to the next, feasting on delicious canapés and cocktails.

  • Event
    The MYBA Charter Show in Genoa - the Unofficial Official Crew Bash

    27th - 27th Apr 2014

    Following on from the huge success of last year’s C&NI Unofficial Official Crew Bash during the Genoa Charter Show, this year’s not-to-be-missed event will be held on Sunday 27 April at the buzzing Rosso Pomodoro restaurant on the Calata Molo Vecchio.

  • Event
    2015 MYBA Charter Show in Genoa

    27th - 30th Apr 2015

    Marking the launch of the Mediterranean charter season and in its 27th year, 2015's Genoa MYBA Charter Show will be held from 27 - 30 April.