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    A gateway to the Islamic, Arabic and African worlds, Morocco is an exhilarating cultural and spiritual mix that promises to captivate the senses. Its spectacular landscapes are made up of magnificent snow-capped mountains, golden sands and lush river valleys. Hike through the beautiful wild flower trails of the Atlas Mountains, ride camel-back across the vast Sahara or explore the towering peaks and mud-walled Kasbahs in Draa Valley on a unique cruising vacation rich in culture and natural wond

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    North Africa

    Bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful cruising grounds of North Africa offer a rich mixture of cultures, landscapes and fantastic hospitality. The relatively unspoilt coast lines will transport you to an enticing world full of exotic lands where you can rest and recharge on the stunning beaches or soak up the energetic atmospheres and melting pot of nations.