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    Southeast Asia

    The lands of Southeast Asia are suffused with Chinese and Indian influences, tropical climates, legendary hospitality and a wealth of attractions. Flavoured by some of the most exotic, dynamic and intriguing cultures in the world, the coastlines of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, India and Philippines are truly captivating.

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    Boat Asia 2013

    18th - 21st Apr 2013

    From the 18th to 21st April, visitors from around the world will be heading to Singapore for the 21st annual Boat Asia.

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    Singapore Grand Prix 2014

    19th - 21st Sep 2014

    On 19th September, the beautiful island of Singapore will alight with energy as the enthralling Singapore Grand Prix 2014 kicks into action.

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    Singapore Yacht Show

    23rd - 26th Apr 2015

    As a gateway to Asia's elite, the Singapore Yacht Show takes place at the exclusive One°15 Marina Club, Sentosa Cove in Singapore from 23-26 April.