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St Barth’s

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    Leeward Islands

    The Leeward Islands provide the ultimate soporific lifestyle. Spanning some 120 miles from the northern outpost of Anguilla to mountainous Domenica in the south, both ashore and on the water, the diverse history and varied nations, cultures and cuisine make this island chain a microcosm of the world. From the sophisticated French island of St Barth’s to the old world charm of Antigua, each unique sanctuary offers an exotic concoction of modern chic and laid-back Caribbean charm.

  • Event
    St Barths Bucket 2013

    28th - 31st Mar 2013

    Loyal fans of the St Barths Bucket will return in force again this year to celebrate the 18th annual regatta.

  • Event
    2014 St Barths Bucket Regatta

    27th - 30th Mar 2014

    The 19th edition of the St Barths Bucket regatta organised by The Bucket Association will take place over four days from 27 – 30 March this year.