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    South Pacific

    With a superb tropical climate for most of the year, and fanned by trade winds, the warm waters of the South Pacific set the scene for an unforgettable desert island charter. Slung beneath the equator like a hammock, the cluster of South Pacific islands have charmed their way into the cruising route of yachtsmen prepared to go that bit further for something truly extraordinary.

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    French Polynesia

    Nowhere on earth is ‘tropical’ quite like on the islands of French Polynesia, with Tahiti and her accompanying Society Islands at the very heart. There is truly nothing to top their jagged mountains dripping with rainforest, no coral reefs to match the underwater magic of their lagoons, nowhere to equal the vibrancy of their red sunsets, turquoise waters and emerald-green trees, and even the cultural richness of their native ceremonies cannot be found elsewhere in the world.