Easy to navigate, and easy to sail into the lagoons through the naturally made passes in the coral fringed reef, the Islands of Tahiti are a tropical gem, and cruising paradise for superyachts.

As the first South Pacific hub for superyachts after Panama, absolutely everything is suited to these vessels and their passengers at any time of the year. But the Islands of Tahiti have much more to offer than peaceful scenic landscapes and an incredible underwater world.

The islands, all of volcanic origin, are divided into five different archipelagos: Gambier, Austral, Marquesas, Tuamotu, and Society Islands. All with different geographical features, the latter three are the usual preferred archipelagos to cruise. However, your choice will mostly depend on two factors: How long would you like to charter and what would you like to do?

The Society Islands with their amazing lush green mountainous peaks are the perfect place to enjoy pristine lagoons as well as land activities such as horse-riding, quad-biking, inner island safari, golf, shopping, etc.

Should you be keen on phenomenal diving, the Tuamotu atolls, and remnants of volcanoes at a former stage than the Society Islands, present some of the most incredible dives in the world with the most exciting encounters and fabulous desert white or pink sand beaches.

Totally isolated, the Marquesas Islands is characterised by natural wonders. Boasting 1000-foot waterfalls, emerald forests, sheer volcanic cliffs, vertical canyons, fjord-like bays and towering mountains that disappear into the clouds, the Marquesas Islands offer visitors a fascinating culture.

Unveiling their uniqueness to superyachts and their guests in the quest for secluded and safe places, these islands offer the perfect cruising grounds with sheltered anchorages and marina facilities. Any captain will enjoy taking his guests island exploring where safety is not an issue and where every single place is simply breathtaking.

With an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius year round, cruising on a yacht will allow you to discover unspoiled areas or visit islets with not a soul in sight.

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