Trinidad & Tobago

Curaçao has a tropical savannah climate with a dry season from anuary to September and a wet season from October to December. The temperatures are relatively constant with small differences throughout the year and an average of 26°C in the winter and 29°C in the summer. The most popular time to visit is December through to April.

As the birthplace of calypso, soca and steel drum music, Trinidad is unsurprisingly the livelier of the two islands, boasting a rich combination of modern life with traditional charm and warm hospitality from the locals. The capital, Port of Spain, embraces its multicultural inhabitants and heritage in its striking gothic cathedrals, regal mosques, Hindu temples and buzzing bazaars and markets.  The best beaches are in the north, where you can soak up the sun on pale pink sands and swim in topaz waters back-dropped by the dense, forest covered Northern Range. The east coast is dotted with enchanting fishing villages and empty beaches that protect the wetlands and coconut groves.

Tobago – the smaller, more laid back island is said to be the place Robert Louis Stevenson had in mind when he wrote Treasure Island which isn’t hard to believe when you see lush scenery, mountainous landscape and unspoilt, verdant rainforests it has to offer. A haven for nature lovers and diving enthusiasts, thriving coral reefs fill the waters and giant leatherback turtles nest on the beautiful beaches. Home to the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere, a medley of mammals, exotic species of birds, butterflies and lizards live peacefully and undisturbed in this tropical paradise land.

  • Dive in and swim amongst the tropical marine life in the Buccoo Reef on Tobago.
  • Mayaro Bay in in Trinidad is a quiet beach situated on the southeastern coast that offers fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Watch one of the gorgeous sunsets with a rum cocktail on an evening cruise along the coastline.
  • Enjoy fantastic snorkelling at Mano O’War Bay, Tobago.

Don't Miss

  • Walk out onto the rocky outcrop at Galera Point, beyond the Toco Lighthouse where to the southeast you will see the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean and to the northwest are the calmer turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Here the two bodies of water meet with a distinct demarcation in colour.

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