• Aboard & Ashore a supuer yacht
  • Aboard & Ashore a supueryacht
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Aboard a Superyacht & Ashore

Most charters throw together a bit of everything – relaxation on board, fun ashore, trips to places of interest, watersports, shopping and exploring the natural habitat of your destination, but if your charter party is interested in something in particular – be it culture, cuisine, sport, history or wildlife, for example – we can tailor your charter to bring you the best of what you most love.

If this is your first luxury yacht charter, or perhaps even your first time on a yacht you may find a large motor yacht more comfortable. You may wish to take things easy and aim for a mainstream destination that has every facility and convenience to hand. Forget heading out to the open sea, exploring the back of beyond or trying to cover too much ground, instead aim for a gentle cruise up the coastline or focus on one or two islands so you an hop ashore as and when you like and gradually get a feel for sailing.

For those planning a family charter its’ all about fun, variety and keeping your children’s eyes wide with wonder while at the same time allowing you to enjoy quality moments with your family in comfortable surroundings. A superyacht is a fabulous playground for any child as it has a great array of exciting watersports equipment, a fabulous film collection for a compelling cinema experience, and ever-changing scenery along the way. Many luxury yachts also feature dedicated nanny cabins designed to accommodate personal staff and/or small children.

There are no real types of charter, the great appeal of a Camper & Nicholsons cruise is that it is created bespoke for you and incorporates all the elements that are important to you. Here are just a few ideas:

Wine-lovers charter

Why not take off on a charter that combines intriguing insight into a fascinating industry, with stunning scenery and gastronomic excellence? At every top on your itinerary you can step ashore, hop into a waiting limousine and be whisked off to some of the finest chateaux and vineyards in the area.

All things food

So many places are famed for their fine cuisine – Provence in France, the Italian islands, and Thailand to name a few, so simply head to the land that most tempts your taste buds.

Step back in time

Those fascinated by history will love a cruise that is designed as a dot-to-dot tour of fascinating museums, ruins, temples and churches – some beautifully restored, many time-ravaged over thousands of years. The archaeological wonders of the southern coast of Turkey, for example, are breathless. The east coast of Croatia and the Greek Islands are likewise steeped in historical splendour. At each port of call your charter broker will have arranged an expert guide to escort you around the sites.

Adrenalin zone

Indulge in all your favourite sports – from diving to golf, sailing, windsurfing and cycling. Fancy canoeing in the glacial lakes of the Pacific Northwest? Or perhaps you’d like to try your hand at mountain biking through the pine forests of Denmark, quad bike in New Zealand, horse ride in Mexico, white-water raft, ski, or slide behind the wheel of a F1 motor car. Whether in Europe, the Amercas or far beyond, we can help you experience the best of sporting excellence the area has to offer.

Pampering ports

Superyachts charter in the most exclusive areas in the world and it is no surprise that many of the most exquisite award-winning spas are to be found luxuriating along the same coastlines. Camper & Nicholsons can create a purely pampering charter where every stop sees you step ashore for divine treatments.  Picture yourself reclining in a private cabana having an exotic body wrap as you gaze at the Caribbean waves, or slumbering beneath the pals on a Thai beach as a masseuse works her magic. You can have a different treatment every day of your charter, and in some cases we can arrange for the expert therapists to come on board your yacht for the treatments. Or for the full spa experience why not go for a full mind and body experience and bring on board your own personal dieticians, fitness trainers and therapists for all, or part, of your charter, or leave it to your charter broker to commission a full team of experts to join you on your cruise and create a full mind and body programme. As an added benefit, if half your charter party want to take advantage of this option but the other half simply want to relax and indulge in a regular charter, your charter broker and captain can make arrangements to accommodate both extremes on the same yacht – ensuring both groups get exactly what they want from their holiday.