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Selling a yacht
When selling a yacht, you need your
broker to find you the right buyer in
the shortest period of time. Camper
&Nicholsons has the fastest average
selling time in the industry, due to our
brokers’ knowledge, experience and
ability to negotiate at the highest level.
What’smore, with direct access to
numerousmarketing outlets as well as
the largest client database, appointing
a Camper &Nicholsons broker as your
central agent ensures that your yacht
receives themaximumamount of
exposure possible.
Camper &Nicholsons brokers serve
an invaluable liaison between the
client and the shipyard, keeping the
yard informed about decisions and
requirements on behalf of the owner,
andmaintaining the balance between
both parties.
Camper &Nicholsons brokers work
closelywith theworld’s leading builders,
designers, naval architects, captains
and suppliers to ensure their client’s
complete satisfaction.
Building a customyacht is a long-term
project and amajor investment – it
is therefore critical to select the right
team for your specific needs. Camper
&Nicholsons brokers appreciate this
andwork alongside all parties involved,
supervising every project throughout
its entire build to ensure each yacht
delivered adheres not only to the
contractual specifications, but to the
future owner’s expectations. Camper
&Nicholsons brokers also offer future
owners valuable andmeasured advice
on the construction of a yacht, talking
them through the different types,
sizes andmaterials available, whilst
also explaining the financial and legal
aspects of a newbuild.
Sale + purchase
Camper &Nicholsons Brokerage
Division is at the forefront of the
yachtingmarket. It has the largest fleet
of yachts for sale in theworld and is
equippedwith the industry’smost
comprehensive contact database of
buyers and sellers.
Camper &Nicholsons brokers are
regarded as the experts of the industry,
which is why our greatest source of
business comes from regular clients.
With an impressive network of
experienced brokers across the globe,
Camper &Nicholsons’ reputation
is second to none. So, whether you
are interested in selling, buying or
constructing a yacht, our brokerage
teamare constantly on hand to support
and guide you, offering their knowledge
and expertise to present youwith
the very best opportunities that the
yachtingmarket has to offer.
Buying a yacht
When buying a yacht, expertise and
experience are themost important
factors. Camper &Nicholsons brokers
are familiar with all the yachts on the
market and always strive to find the right
yacht for our clients. Our brokers are on
hand to assist with all aspects of large
yacht purchase and are heavily involved
in price and contract negotiations, to
advise on ownership and corporate
structures, organise surveys and sea trial
logistics, and handle all administrative
documentation. Their job is to ensure a
smooth acquisition fromstart to finish,
leaving the client free to enjoy the
pleasures of hassle-free ownership.
Yacht charter
As youwill see from the preceding
pages a charter with Camper &
Nicholsons deliversmore thanmouth-
watering cuisine, diverse destinations
andworld-class accommodation. It
promises the unbounded freedom,
the complete privacy and the
exemplary service unmatched by
any other holiday.
A luxury yacht charter with Camper
&Nicholsons is a truly unique
holiday experience. No other holiday
guarantees the freedom, privacy and
service a charter offers, enabling you
to explore some of themost beautiful
and remote parts of theworld in utmost
luxury. With an average ratio of one
crewmember to every guest, you can
relax in the knowledge that you are in
safe hands and concentrate on enjoying
the extreme serenity of cruising at sea,
experiencingwater sports in the sun,
or embarking on specially organised
excursions ashore.
With access to thewidest choice of
motor and sailing yachts, both classic
andmodern, in a variety of sizes,
Camper &Nicholsons charter brokers
excel in ensuring they select the
ideal yacht and destination for each
client. Trained to customise holidays
to the individual client, Camper &
Nicholsons charter brokers are on hand
to ensure that all your requirements
for your charter are fulfilled. Whether
it is provisioning the yacht with your
favouritewine, arranging a surprise
anniversary party, or organising
transfers, excursions, restaurant
reservations or a game of golf, your
charter broker is always one step ahead,
ensuring that once you step on board
you have the time of your life.
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