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The Bahamas
Lying just 50miles off Florida’s coast, the 700 islands of the Bahamas stretch 600miles towards the Caribbean. The shallow
waters are home tomore than 30 diving destinations, shallowfishing waters, unspoiled reefs and fantastic beaches.
Relax in the islet’s huge natural Jacuzzi
known as Rachel’s Bubblebath. The
more adventurous can swimwith nurse
sharks around the shallowwaters of
Compass Cay.
Compass Cay – ShroudCay
Catch high tide on Shroud Cay and
try the famous Mangrove Run aboard
a jet ski or tender. Snorkel through the
crystal-clear creeks for a viewof the
local sanctuary fish, before stepping
ashore to the stunning beaches that
shroud the island.
ShroudCay – Highbourne Cay
Rise early and take the tender for
deep-sea fishing trips off the east coast
of Highbourne Cay. Back on board, there
are plenty of opportunities for both
diving and snorkelling. Directly off the
cay is a drop-off that faces the Exuma
Sound – a 23-metre vertical wall that
is populated bymarine life.
Highbourne Cay –
Allan’s Cay – Nassau
Breakfast on the aft deck and spot rays
before raising anchor and cruising to
Allan’s Cay. The three islets that make
up the cay have a perfect anchorage at
their centre. Following a last swim in the
blue Bahamianwaters, return to Nassau
for a final fling of Caribbean fun.
Nassau + Paradise Island
The vibrant capital of Nassau and
neighbouring Paradise Island lie in
stark contrast to the peace and solitude
of the islands and cays that await your
cruise. Dedicated to fun and relaxation,
the islands offer a plethora of resorts
and boutiques, and the largest casino
in the Caribbean.
Paradise Island –WarderickWells Cay
As the capital shrinks into the distance
and you enter Exuma Cays Land and
Sea Park, prepare for a dive or snorkel
through the underwater world of the
176-mile natural marine preserve,
known as the Garden of Eden.
WarderickWells Cay – Staniel Cay
Continue down the Exumas and anchor
off BigMajor’s Spot. Thewaters are ideal
for water sports. Move on to Staniel Cay
and take the tender to the Thunderball
Grotto – made famous by the Bond
movie of the same name.
Staniel Cay – Compass Cay
Berth in Compass CayMarina and
take the tender to the eastern coast.
Don’t miss
Feed bananas to the
local Bahamian iguanas
(pictured right) found
in the shallowwaters
around Allan’s Cay.
At a glance
1 – Nassau
2 – Paradise Island
3 –WarderickWells Cay
4 – Staniel Cay
5 – Compass Cay
6 – Shroud Cay
7 – Allan’s Cay
8 – Highbourne Cay
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