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Regarded as some of Europe’smost pristine cruising grounds, thewaterways of Scandinavia are ideal for unique and tranquil
charters. From its sleepy fishing villages tomedieval castles, the region provides an abundance of charter experiences.
Days 05 + 06
Gotland –Malmö
Further south, at the tip of Sweden’s
coastline, lies the stylish city of Malmö.
Abounding in striking architecture and
charmingwaterfront districts, Malmö’s
dynamic centre is burstingwith cafés
and restaurants, as well asmodern
design stores.
Days 07 – 09
Malmö – Gothenburg
Cruise up thewest coast to Sweden’s
second largest city, Gothenburg. The
coastline between Gothenburg and the
Norwegian border is themost scenic of
the region. The off-lying archipelago of
thousands of small islands brims with
marine animals and fishing adventures.
The sample itinerary is just one example
of the endless cruising possibilities that
the Baltic region has to offer. Thewaters
surrounding the coastline of Denmark
offer excellent sailing conditions along
a landscape pepperedwith fishing
villages and long, white sand beaches.
The dramatic fjords and tranquil islets
of the Norwegian coastline drawmany
charterers to the area. FromBergen,
cruise along Norway’s western coastline
with stops in Florø, Måløy andÅlesund,
beforemaking the detour into striking
Geirangerfjord, a UNESCOWorld
Heritage site, and then continuing
viaMolde, Kristiansund and Rovik to
For the truly adventurous, a charter
through the cruising grounds of Iceland
offers spectacular scenery. The coastline
is dottedwith glaciers, dramatic fjords
and ice caps and is home to plenty of
Finland has been attracting seafarers
with its natural wonders and vibrant
cities for hundreds of years. The cruising
grounds are ideal for an action-packed
charter, with activities aplenty including
fishing, hiking and kayaking. The
northern lights can also be seen in the
northern Lapland region.
Days 01 + 02
Stockholm, Sweden
Spend a fewdays exploring lively
Stockholm – arguably one of themost
beautiful capital cities in theworld.
Often referred to as the ‘Venice of
the North’, the city is spread across 14
islands. The Port of Stockholm is located
at its centre and is the perfect place to
embark on a cruise.
Days 03 + 04
Stockholm– Gotland
FromStockholm, cruise south to
Gotland, the largest island in the Baltic.
Enjoy breathtaking scenery, picturesque
streets with chic boutiques, and perfect
waters for all manner of water sports,
including fishing.
Don’t miss
Cruise through the
waters of the Baltic
betweenmid-June to
mid-July when endless
days in the lands of
the ‘Midnight Sun’ are
punctuated by just a
few hours of darkness.
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