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A holiday aboard a superyacht means doing things
your way – your own timetable, and a bespoke
itinerary full of favourite pastimes. The incomparable
pleasures of cruising are never ending. The yachts
themselves are out of this world, but add to that some
compelling destinations and exciting itineraries
and you are set for the holiday of a lifetime.
The great appeal of a Camper &Nicholsons charter
is that it is created bespoke for you and incorporates
all the elements that are important to you. Half the
fun is dreaming upwhere youwant to go, what you
want to see, what foods youwant to savour, what
new sports youwant to try andwhich beaches,
historic buildings and fantastic boutiques you
maywant to visit.
Themain points to think about while you turn the
pages are time of year, destination, type of charter
and type of yacht. Perhaps you are looking to push
the boundaries of a jet-set lifestyle and party in the
hippest haunts; or youmay long to sample, first
hand, thewealth of cultures that exists in themost
remote corners of theworld; or perhaps you simply
want to relax and be blissfully pampered. For others
a charter is the perfect opportunity to spend quality
timewith their family, or a peerless excuse to indulge
in some of the finest sporting opportunities. With
a Camper &Nicholsons charter you canmix all
the above elements and create a truly diverse and
unforgettable holiday.
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