Charter Collection 2014 | Camper & Nicholsons International - page 66

Type of yacht
Large, modern, motor yacht
Whowill it suit?
Suitable for families, rst time charterers, and large
charter groups
Large, spacious, stable and designed for pure
comfort. Equippedwith peerless watersports and
entertainment facilities. Themost popular yacht for
charter is a heavy displacement motor yacht that sits
better at anchor and provides stability and comfort in
rough conditions. Generally o ering a cruising speed of
between 10 and 14 knots, displacement yachts are not
for those looking for a fast cruising experience, but for
those looking for a relaxing pace
Type of yacht
Smaller, performancemotor yacht
Whowill it suit?
Thosewhowant to exploremore of the coastline in
a shorter amount of time and are looking for the real
kudos and adrenaline that goes with superyacht
Sleek lines, enviable style, power and speed at the
touch of the throttlemake thema popular choice out
at sea and in port
Type of yacht
Modern sailing yacht
Whowill it suit?
Thosewhowant the size, comfort and facilities of a
motor yacht but with the exibility to open up the sails
on occasion
All the amenities of amotor yacht with the
undisputed appeal of sailing
Type of yacht
Classic sailing yacht
Whowill it suit?
Thosewanting a genuine sailing experience or who
want to capture the real romance and thrill of yachting
Thesemay not have quite the level of luxury and
comfort of amotor yacht but for genuine sailors there
is surely no other choice
Type of yacht
Whowill it suit?
Ideal for any charter party, particularly those looking
for something a bit di erent, or for thosewanting to
access remote coves and bays
A great mix of sail andmotor. Thanks to their lowdra
they are particularly ideal for accessing shallow-water
areas and arewell equipped for luxury and comfort
Type of yacht
Whowill it suit?
Exceptionally large charter parties or corporate
The ultimate in size, facilities and luxury, these vast
yachts can accommodate up to 40 guests and have
anything and everything fromswimming pools, to
discos, cinemas, conference rooms, spas and gyms
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