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Spanning the four corners of the globe, our cruising
guides bring you a true taste of the exotic. Our
itineraries are planned to give youmaximum
freedom to do the things you enjoy doing themost.
From the chicWest Mediterranean and themagical
East Mediterranean, we cross to the sun-baked
shores of the Caribbean and continue around the
world beyond the traditional cruising grounds for
something completely original. We know the essential
ingredients for each destination and can help you
create any style of charter you desire.
Most destinations are great for all-round charters –
combining water sports with great beaches, gourmet
restaurants and local culture. However, if youwant
your charter to focus on something in particular your
charter broker can steer you in the right direction.
If this is your first charter youmaywish to take things
easy and aim for amainstreamdestination that has
every facility and convenience to hand such as the
Mediterranean or Caribbean. Youmay also find a
largemotor yacht more comfortable if you are a
novice charterer. The same conditions apply to family
charters and the ideal destinations for children are
the Bahamas, theMediterranean and the Caribbean.
If your sense of adventure extends beyond the
traditional cruising grounds, turn your attention
to our recommended charter destinations further
afield. Despite the far-flung and remote settings
of many of these areas, Camper &Nicholsons
charters nevertheless remain the height of luxury.
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