• Yacht Construction, Shipyard Selection

Choosing a Shipyard

Once you have finalised and approved a general design your Camper & Nicholsons broker will obtain tenders from the most suitable yards. The shortlist will be based on their ability to meet your design requirements, delivery times, cost requirements and, most importantly, your expectations.

Your broker has an in-depth knowledge of each yards financial stability, their quality and delivery reputation. They will also identify suitable subcontractors to work on the build with the designer and shipyard.

You will be presented with detailed building specifications from the shortlisted shipyards. Once your chosen yard has been selected, your legal counsel and broker will negotiate with the shipyard to obtain the best costs, conditions and payment schedule for the entire build. They will then bring in experienced financial and technical experts to aid with the build contract.

From payment terms, specifications and regulations to post-delivery warranties, consideration should be given to all elements of the build process before any contracts are signed with the shipyard and your Camper & Nicholsons broker will oversee the entire process to ensure your interests are best protected.


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