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Unlock the World of Camper & Nicholsons

Every yachting experience is unique. From the moment you make the decision to step on board, to choosing the type of yacht to deciding where to go, the journey is bespoke to you. Welcome to a world beyond luxury, where extraordinary is par of the course. The following videos bring you one step closer.

Making your World Brighter

Reveal the incredible hidden journey to a world beyond luxury on board Resilience.

Episode 1

Driven to Distraction

This is the start of your tailor-made Camper & Nicholsons experience. We ensure your journey is of the finest standard from the very beginning. #driventodistraction #thejourneycontinues #cniyachting #resilience

Available: 17th September 2015

Episode 2

Helping Hands

From the very beginning, pure luxury flows throughout your entire journey. We are here to help every step of the way. #helpinghands #thejourneycontinues #cniyachting #resilience

Available: 24th September 2015

Episode 3

A Warm Welcome

With a team of exceptional staff on hand 24/7, you will experience the best quality service from your welcome to your goodbye. #awarmwelcome #thejourneycontinues #cniyachting #resilience

Available: 1st October 2015

Episode 4

Day Out

A superyacht allows you the flexibility to spend your time exactly how you wish. Stay on board, step ashore – the choice is yours and yours alone. #dayout #thejourneycontinues #cniyachting #resilience

Available: 8th October 2015

Episode 5

Simple Pleasures

It is the simple pleasures in life that are so rare. Time on board will float away as you sit back, relax and watch the world go by - literally. #simplepleasures #thejourneycontinues #cniyachting #resilience

Available: 15th October 2015

Episode 6

Treasured Memories

Create life long treasured memories as you embark on your bespoke journey. #treasuredmemories #thejourneycontinues #cniyachting #resilience

Available: 22nd October 2015

Final Video

Making your World Brighter

Every yacht has a story to tell. Every journey is bespoke. Every experience is a treasured memory. Make sure yours is one to remember with Camper & Nicholsons International. #makingyourworldbrighter #thejourneycontinues #cniyachting #resilience

Available: 29th October 2015

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