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themany bars and restaurants that line
the port.
Porto Cervo – Cala di Volpe
Fringedwith beaches and clear waters,
the beautiful wide bay of Cala di Volpe
is an ideal anchorage for water sports.
Take a step away from the bustling
Costa Smeralda and venture inland to
themountain village of San Panteleo to
discover real Sardinian life.
Cala di Volpe – PortoRotondo
Spend the final day relaxing in the
tranquil waters surrounding Porto
Rotondo. Enjoy an alfresco lunch on
board before disembarking.
For an extended charter, cruise
along the east coast to the southern
tip of Sardinia.
Calvi – Girolta
Nestled in the north-west of Corsica,
Calvi’smarina sits belowa citadel that
appears to be standing on thewater.
Embark on your charter and cruise
through the Golfe of Girolta – a beautiful
nature reserve – to the pretty fishing
village of Girolta for a peaceful night’s
Girolta – Ajaccio
Anchor for lunch in the Golfe of Sagone
before heading to Ajaccio. Saunter
through the old streets of Napoleon’s
birthplace and lose yourself amid the
classical Mediterranean allure of pale,
sunlit streets and picturesque ruins.
Ajaccio – Bonifacio
Enjoy amorning of water sports around
the Sanguinaires Islands before heading
to the southern tip of Corsica and the
port of Bonifacio. Cantilevered out on
eroded limestone, 16th century houses
of the old town sit onwhite and caramel
rock shelves precariously overlooking
the café-lined harbour below.
Bonifacio –Maddalena Islands
Rise early and explore Bonifacio’s old
citadel and the alleys climbing up
towards the sky for a perfect viewof
your next port of call – theMaddalena
Islands. Largely uninhabited, the Italian
islands are perfect for water sports.
Maddalena Islands – Porto Cervo
Carry on south and head along the
rugged coastline of the Costa Smeralda.
Anchor for lunch around Porto Rotondo,
before heading to the chic boutiques of
Porto Cervo. Sip a cocktail on the roof
terrace of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda
(members and guests only) or in one of
Don’t miss
Take part in the Loro
Piana Superyacht
Regatta held every
June around Porto Cervo
(pictured right).
At a glance
1 – Calvi
2 – Ajaccio
3 – Bonifacio
4 – Maddalena Islands
5 – Porto Cervo
6 – Cala di Volpe
Corsica & Sardinia
The islands of Corsica and Sardinia remain largely unspoilt. Corsica has a tremendous scenic diversity that is complemented by
its fascinating history. The Italian island of Sardinia is a striking land of contrasts, with awild interior and glamorous coastline.
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