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4. Floating fantasy
Your charter broker, captain and crew
will suggest and plan some fantastic
ideas for your cruise, but if you have any
wild andwonderful requests of your
own, please let us knowwell in advance
sowe canmake the arrangements. We
can ensure the yacht is stockedwith
special foods andwines, music and
films, water sports equipment, toiletries
and even your favourite flowers and
magazines. We are also happy to
arrange restaurant reservations and can
organise a round of golf, professionally
guided trips ashore and private
limousine and helicopter transfers.
5. Planning ahead
Ideally you should book any charter
at least sixmonths in advance.
However, bear inmind that some of
themore popular yachts, cruising in
theWest Mediterranean in July or
August, for example, may be booked
up to a year in advance.
6. Wherework is a pleasure
In an ever-more competitiveworld,
finding newways to impress clients
and reward or inspire staff can be a great
challenge. Fortunately, at Camper &
Nicholsons we have perfected the
art of organising prestigious and
innovative hospitality events, and
have even been known to organise
charters with just a fewhours’ notice.
We have numerous luxury yachts based
across theworld that are perfect for
hosting corporate charters. Youmay
prefer a smaller motor or sail yacht for
team-building charters, or youmay
wish to create a truly unique impact
with a cocktail party for a large number
of guests aboard one of theworld’s
ultimate superyachts.
Wewill take care of the entire process
for you, beginningwith sound advice
on the best yachts and destinations to
suit you, and then helping youwith all
the necessary paperwork tomake the
whole process as simple as possible.
As we create your itinerary, every
consideration is taken into account.
Wewill make recommendations,
organise flights, reservations and
bookings, brief your captain and
crewon all your requirements so they
can provision the yacht and, in short,
take care of the entire process for you
fromstart to finish.
1. When +where
Different countries are ‘in season’ at
different times of the year, so check
our guide to ensure your dates and
destinations coincide. If you have set
your heart on a particular destination,
make sure you focus on yachts that
charter in that area, and decide how
long youwould like your charter to
last. Bear inmind that themore flexible
you can bewith your holiday dates,
themore options we can offer.
2. Motor or sail
Our charter brokers knowall the
yachts and their unique crews and
ambiences, and have a special skill
inmatching them to the particular
requirements of your charter party.
Youmay favour the style of amodern
motor yacht, the history of a classic
yacht or the exhilarating romance
of a sailing yacht. Whatever your
choice, you can be assured of the
utmost comfort and luxurywith
air-conditioning onmost yachts,
alongwith excellent leisure facilities.
3. Activities + atmosphere
Your crewwill always provide a
professional service, but depending on
your preference they can either create
a subtle and private ambience or amore
relaxed, interactive ‘family’ atmosphere.
Also, let us know if you have a special
interest in culture, sport, history, wildlife,
or even shopping, andwe can tailor
your charter to feature plenty of
inspired excursions.
Your first port of call:
Browse through the yachts and cruising grounds in this annual, or visit our website at
, and think about all the things youwant fromyour charter.
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