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South Pacific
The islands of French Polynesia and the South Pacific are in a league of their own.
No other cruising destination is quite as remote and exotic as these intriguing shores.
Day 11
BoraBora – Taha’a
FromBora Bora it is a short hop back
through the TeAvaNui Pass and the
Pai Pai Pass to the lagoon that surrounds
the island of Taha’a. Float amid a rainbow
of fish, including vibrant parrotfish,
striped snapper, emperor angelfish and
butterfly fish.
Day 12
Taha’a – Raiatea
Lying in the same lagoon as Taha’a,
neighbouring Raiatea’s rugged interior is
as impressive as its surrounding beaches.
Discover French Polynesia’smost
sacred temple, Marae Taputapuatea, or
take a hike up the Tapoi Mountain for
spectacular views.
Day 13
Raiatea – Huahine
Cruise through the lagoon and through
the Iriru Pass toHuahine. Step ashore
to the island’s pearl farm, or take a
horseback ride along one of themany
Days 14, 15 + 16
Huahine – Tahiti
Cruise overnight to Tahiti. Aswith
many of the Society Islands, youwill
find cosmopolitan luxury combined
with local culture asmany of theworld’s
top resorts have premises on the island.
There are countlessmonuments and
ruins, and the natural landscape
remains relatively unspoilt.
Days 01 +02
Fakarava (North + SouthPass)
Embark in Fakarava and spend a couple
of days acclimatising to the gentle pace
of life on board cruising around the
coastlines. The island, especially the
South Pass, remains virtually untouched.
Life along theNorth Pass is equally
uniquewith quaint villages, old coral
churches andwelcoming locals.
Fakarava – Toau
AUNESCO-classified biosphere
reserve, Toau is a stunning coral atoll
with awide lagoon perfect for peaceful
anchorages, swimming, snorkelling
and diving.
Days 04 +05
Toau – Apataki
One of the largest of the Tuamotu
Islands, Apataki hosts the largest grey
reef shark population in the archipelago.
Days 06, 07 +08
Apataki – Rangiroa
One of theworld’s greatest dive
destinations, the atoll of Rangiroa
is a string of coral encircling a vast
lagoon. Enjoy snorkelling and diving
amidst the stingrays andmanta rays.
Around theAvatoru Pass youwill find
silver tip sharks, whilst in thewaters
of the Tiputa Pass you can divewith
bottlenose dolphins.
Days 09 + 10
Rangiroa – BoraBora
Cruise from the Tuamotus to the
Society Islands in a 24-hour crossing.
Dine on the open deck as you navigate
openwater and through the TeAvaNui
Pass into the lagoon of Bora Bora. The
island itself is as close to the tropical ideal
as it gets and the reef around the lagoon
is clusteredwith desert islands, known
locally asmotus. Join fellowyachties at
the Bora Bora Yacht Club.
Don’t miss
Experience local cuisine
and ask your chef to
prepare a traditional feast
of fish fresh from the
lagoon, accompanied by
taro root and breadfruit
baked slowly in an ahimoa
– a traditional Polynesian
cooking pit dug into
the ground.
At a glance
Bora Bora
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