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The varied coastline of Australia is an ideal destination for the adventurous charterer. The bright lights of the cities
combinedwith tropical islands provide a vibrant backdrop for an alternative cruise in the southern hemisphere.
Days07 +08
Stokes Bay – Lizard Island
Lizard Island is a national park at the
northernmost tipof theGreat Barrier
Reef. The granite island is the largest
of four islands thatmake up the Lizard
IslandGroupwhich encircle a deep
blue lagoon. Step ashore to the exclusive
Lizard Island resort and experience
the desert island idyll.
Days09+ 10
Lizard Island – RibbonReefs
Spend the afternoon snorkelling
anddiving theRibbonReefs. The
string of narrowreefs are an almost
unbrokenbarrier running parallel to
theQueensland coastline andoffer
a huge range of stunning dive and
snorkelling sites.
Day 11
RibbonReefs – Opal Reef
Thewaters off Port Douglas boast just
asmanywonderful coral walls, fish and
pinnacles as those previouslyvisited
aroundCairns. Spendyour days relaxing
onboard and jumping in todive amongst
the kaleidoscopicmarine life.
Day 12
Opal Reef – LowIsles
The idyllic, unspoilt coral island is a
secludedbeachparadise in themiddle
of theGreat Barrier Reef lagoon. The
wide beach and calmwaters are ideal for
swimming and snorkelling.
Days 13 + 14
LowIsles – Cairns
Cruise back toCairns and spend a few
days ashore discovering the city’s cafés,
restaurants, bars andbustling nightlife.
Cairns – Double Island
Dotted along the east coast of Australia
are cosmopolitan cities such as Sydney,
Brisbane andCairns. The latter is an
excellent place to embark on a charter
to theGreat Barrier Reef.
Double Island – EscapeReef
PrivatelyownedDouble Island is the
ultimate hideawaydestination and the
surroundingwaters provide a peaceful
anchorage. The prettyvillage of Palm
Cove on themainland is just tenminutes
across thewater and iswhere some of
the region’s best dining establishments
canbe found. Cruise on toEscapeReef
for some spectacular diving.
EscapeReef – Cooktown
One of Australia’smost historically
significant townships, discover the
unique history andCooktown’s colourful
past on a stroll around the town.
Days04 +05
Cooktown – Princess CharlotteBay
Located at the base of theCapeYork
Peninsula, Princess Charlotte Bay is part
of theGreat Barrier ReefMarine Park
andprovides some of themost beautiful
dive sites to be found along the coast.
Princess CharlotteBay – Stokes Bay
Trace the coastline and combine a few
days swimming and snorkelling around
the brilliant coral waters of theGreat
Barrier Reef. Stokes Bay is an idyllic
anchoragewith some of theworld’s
most spectacular diving, fishing and
snorkelling spots.
Don’t miss
Renowned for itsmarine
life, Pixie’s Pinnacle in
the Great Barrier Reef
is a superb anchorage.
At a glance
Double Island
Escape Reef
Princess Charlotte Bay
Stokes Bay
Lizard Island
Opal Reef
Low Isles
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